Legacy Society

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The St. Joseph Legacy Society is comprised of many Catholic men and women who, through their estate planning or other means of deferred financial support, have chosen to provide for the present and future financial needs of St. Joseph Catholic Church. During a person’s lifetime, they may be limited or unable to contribute to the support of the Church at the level they wish they could. The unpredictability of life and the need to provide for one’s daily expenses is a very legitimate concern. These concerns may well interfere with one’s desire to be even more generous than their present situation allows. More and more Catholics are beginning to remember and include their church in their estate planning, wills and trusts. These means of deferred giving ensure that their love for their Church continues to live on for many years and that the good they make possible will make a difference in the mission of the Church and the lives of all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

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