Holy Orders

Discernment Questions                                                                                                                                                                                                 Español


Are YOU being Called?

Do you feel called to give more or be more?

Do you find your weekly ministry more life-giving and energizing than your 40-hour work week?

Does your relationship with God sustain you, enliven you, and invigorate you in such a way that you want to share the Good News with others?

Does the idea of becoming a brother, sister, or priest keep coming back time and time again?

People have told me I would make a good priest or religious sister.

Do you have feel that you are on the brink of a major life decision?

Are you afraid to tell friends and family that you are thinking about a Church vocation?

Do you feel a recurring tug in your heart to serve others more?

If you answered "Yes" to three or more of the statements above, then you may have a vocation to the priesthood or religious life!

Contact the Vocation Office for more discernment information at 405 721 5651 x 110 or Jean Mulligan, Secretary at jmulligan@archokc.org