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St. Joseph Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Norman, Oklahoma, exists to proclaim Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of the world. Jesus invites us into relationship with Him, to become His disciples, and to continue His Mission.

Hospitality: A profound openness to welcome all as Christ.
Reverence: A deep, abiding belief in the inherent dignity that exists in all of God’s creation.
Charity: God shows the poor His “First Mercy,” and so must we.

Go Make Disciples!

New Evangelization
Hispanic Ministry
Missionary Outreach

5th Sunday of Easter

Connected to Christ

What good is it to have a light bulb hanging from the ceiling if it is not connected?

What good is it to have a Bible if one is not connected to the one who is the living word of God?

What good is it to be called a Christian if one is not connected to the Christ that gives us the name?

What good is the beauty of our catholic worship if we do not produce fruit?


Jesus reminds all of us: “without me you can do nothing.”

Christian life, the life of a Christian, only has fulfillment and sense if it is connected to Christ.

We can say that Jesus is like an electrical plant and His Father is the switch that allows light in our homes so that all of us can be light bulbs that shine and show the way. But we have to remain connected.

Disciples of Jesus remain connected and are not scared of been “pruned” - as painful as that can be...

 Homilist: Deacon Angelo

Iglesia de San Jose

La Iglesia Católica de San José en Norman, Oklahoma, tiene como propósito proclamar a Jesucristo, quien es el Salvador del mundo. Jesús nos invita a que tengamos una relación con El, para convertimos en sus discipulos y continuar su misión.

Hospitalidad: Una apertura profunda de darle la bienvenida a todos asi como lo hace Cristo.
Reverencia: Una creencia profunda y permanente en la inherente dignidad que existe en toda la creación de Dios.
Caridad: Dios le enseña a los pobres su “Primera Misericordia” y nosotros debemos hacer lo mismo.

iVayan y Hagan Discipulos!

Nueva Evangelizacion
Ministerio Hispano
Compromiso Misionero


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Mass Times

Saturday: 5:00 PM | Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & (Spanish) 1:00 PM
Daily Mass (in Chapel) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 12:05 PM
Sacrament of Penance: Saturdays at 3:30 PM

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm